World Missions

Significant works in 11 nations around the world

He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.
2 Corinthians 3:6

Project Samuel serves “at risk” children around the world with ongoing projects in the nations of Zambia, Africa and Nicaragua, Latin America. At Project Samuel we seek to impact the lives of children trapped and oppressed through poverty, abuse, and abandonment by serving the “complete” child: Body, Mind and Spirit.


With over 1.3 billion people, densely populated in many cities of over 10-20 million people, India is the nation with the most unreached people groups. However God is doing a mighty work through various local movements reaching millions daily. As a result many experts believe Christianity has grown from only 2.5% of the vast population to almost 6% in just hte last decade. In some parts of the nation that number could actually be close to 25%. The River of Life is happy to secretly be involved in an organization that has planted over 10,000 villlage churches. No government or demons can stop the world wide end time harvest of souls from every nation!

What a joy it is to introduce you to Inn Ministries! You’ll discover that our passion is to provide a place where people just like you can have a life-changing experience with God. We believe God has called us to be a “A Refuge on the Jericho Road.” A place where  the Good Samaritan can bring men, women, and children to find peace and love along with healing and restoration, so that one day God looks at them and says “Go and do the same.” (Luke 10:37)

God has sparked a revival among street kids (age 8-18) who had formed gangs to survive, but are giving their lives to Jesus by the dozens daily and receiving discipleship and care from Favor. God started bringing them in October, and over 150 new disciples are under Favor’s care. We need to send them school, feed, and clothe them, and house those we can. Please help!

Whatever it takes for you to
Know Love and Live Purpose!


Pastor Moses and his brother Gamaliel are dear friends and have been partners for many years. Our leaders,young adults and youth have been on several mission trips to the city of Tekax, in the center of the Mayan Yucatan Peninsula.


The real Church in china has gone “underground” meeting secretly in homes & villages to try to escape the watchful eye of the anti christian communist regime. However we happily & secrectly support one of the leaders who has planted over 5,000 house Churches over the years. the communist can’t stop the Kingdom from mightily Advancing.

South Sudan

Only been to this dangerously war torn nation once,but Praise the Lord to be able able to Pray with those on the front lines! Justin & Robert sometimes leave their families to carry the Gospel to many villages who have never heard. They have been to the most bullet riden areas & experienced minitries with the modern day Paul’s. It is a blessing to have provided them motorbikes, teaching materials and monthly funding.


Samson Ngwira is a young man with a true modern day Apostile annointing. He traveled throughout Malawi by bus, boda boda and foot to pray all night on the mountaintops, then preach and plant churches in the mountain villages below. After hearing out Go Deep Grace Conference in Livingstone, Zambia God put it in his heart to bring this truth to the churches in Malawi. The River of Life supports him monthly and helped him get a motorbike as he travels overseeing 32 “River of Life” church plants! Through Samson God connected us to Apostile Earnest Banda who organized Go Deep conferences in the major cities of Livingstone, Blantyre and Zambia. Now 3 indigenous teams are taking the Go Deep conference to Pastors and leadersin many more cities


Our first trip to Uganda was with Jack Gaddin, who is a Global Representative for Joshua Nations Minitries which plants Bible training centers for Pastors & Leaders in many nations. Through Jack we were introduced to our Life long Partner in Uganda & the surrounding Nations : Pastor John Wandera & City Victory Church in Ubale. We have since, supported many of John’s village Pastors, given motorbikes, dug water wells and built churches. Now John is our main cordinator for ur Go Deep Grace Pastor Confrences all over Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ruanda, Burundi and South Sudan.


In a mysterious God set up, Pastor “El Nasih” visited our church representing the Voice of the Martyrs. Since then we have visited Sri Lnka with him twice & ministered “behind the scenes” to the immagrant workers in Dubai. We have partnered with him for his ministries in Pakistan for many years & also teach our Go Deep material on TV & Internet stations.

Sri Lanka

Pastor Anthony Simon and his beautiful family have a far  reaching ministry based out of their home church Praise Prayer Lauka Church in the capital city of Colombo. We are happy to partner with this ministry of this Isreal nation off the coast of India.